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Big Rig Seat Belt Air Ride Seat Accessories

Big Rig Seat Belt Semi Truck Air Ride SeatsCommercial Truck Seatbelts, Tethers and Extender Made in USA

Truck Seat Belt, Seat Tethers & Extender

Big Rig Seat Belt for Air Ride Style Seat
Big Rig Seat Belt for Air Ride Style SeatThis big rig truck seat belt is specifically designed for use with an Air Ride style seat. Seat belts for trucks commonly used in big rigs or for commercial trucks. This is a 3 point seatbelt (lap belt and shoulder harness) for semi truck Air Ride suspension style seat up and down movement. This Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) #209 & #302 approved new seatbelt for 18 wheeler heavy trucks can be easily installed using our detailed installation guide with diagrams.

  • Federally Safety Approved - Safety tested and approved, sewn, assembled, packaged in the USA
  • New 3 Point Retractable (Lap & Shoulder)
  • For Air Ride Style Suspension Seat
  • Detailed Seat Belt Installation Instructions & Diagrams
  • Dual Sensitive Retractor Design: Both "Vehicle Sensitive" What? and "ELR" Emergency Locking Retractor What's That?
  • Webbing (belt) extends 135" out of retractor
  • See Dimensions
  • Price includes 1 new seat belt for one seat / passenger.
  • Will Work for Either Driver or Passenger Seat
  • 12 inch Female Buckle End
  • It is universal fit, so it is perfect for most trucks.
  • Optional retrofit hardware kit: Click to View: 1 Shoulder Bolt & 1 Mounting Plate, Three 7/16 Fine Thread Grade 5 Bolts, 3 Lock Washers
  • For Additional Hardware Click Here

  • Click for Big Rig Seat Belt Installation Guide!

    Big Rig Seat Belt for Air Ride Style Seat
    DSCH14154C12Reg Price: $99.95Today's Sale Price: $79.95
    Add Mounting Hardware: 

    Suspension Seat Tethers - Adjustable Pair
    Suspension Seat Tethers - Adjustable Pair

  • Meets SAE J386 Specs
  • See Dimensions
  • Floor to Seat Tether for Truck Suspension Seats
  • Adjustable length: Extends to 22 Total Inches
  • Click to See Installation Diagram
  • Price Includes 2 New Tethers (1 Pair)
  • Available in Black Only
  • For Additional Hardware Click Here

  • Suspension Seat Tethers - Adjustable Pair
    S67-622SF1000Reg Price: $29.95Today's Sale Price: $18.95

    Truck Seat Belt Extender
    Truck Seat Belt Extender
    This is the perfect solution for your truck seat belt which is just not long enough. It is Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) #209 & #302 Approved! Designed to be used for 3 point seat belts that attach to the seat (usually suspension seats). This extender does NOT click into the buckle end of a seat belt. It is the safest solution to a short belt. This seatbelt extension adds 9 inches to the overall length of seat belts, instead of just to one end (adding length to just one end makes the shoulder harness not centered on the body).

  • Adds 9 inches to 3 point truck seat belts
  • See Dimensions
  • Federal Safety Approved
  • Safely Installs in Minutes
  • View Truck Seat Belt Extender Installation Instructions
  • Includes 1 Truck Seatbelt Extender, 1 Grade 5 Bolt, 1 Lock Nut and 2 Flat Washers
  • Available in Black Only

  • Truck Seat Belt Extender

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