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D Rings | Recessed and Surface Mount

D Rings: Choose the perfect d ring to provide a safe and secure anchor point on your truck, trailer or RV, for your auto tie-downs. We recommend that you always use a d ring as an achor point for tiedowns. Choices of recessed d-rings, surface mount and even rotating d-ring, so you can find rings that are perfect for your truck, trailer and other vehicles. We also offer Assorted Hooks in three different sizes, Tie Downs for D Rings and Ratchet Buckles.

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HD Surface Mount D Rings
This is a heavy duty ring with clamp and a 12,000lb Capacity.
Dimensions: Ring: 3¼" W x 3½" H
Clamp: 3" W x 1¾" H

Zinc plated Steel
Sorry Out of Stock.

Part No. 10111$3.00
Recessed Rotating D Ring
Recessed Rotating D Ring
This recessed rotating D-ring has a 6,000lb Capacity.
Dimensions: 6" O.D. and 4½" I.D.
Steel zinc plated.

10113Reg Price: $21.99Today's Sale Price: $19.99

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Surface Mount with Bracket
This Surface ring with Bracket has a 900lb Capacity.
Ring: 1½" W x 2" H
Clamp: 1" W x 2¼" H
Solid steel zinc plated.
Sorry Out of Stock.

Part No. 10055$1.00
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This recessed D-ring has a 5,000lb Capacity. Dimensions: 4½" x 5".
Zinc plated Steel
Sorry Out of Stock.

Part No. 10064$4.00

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