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Lap Belt for Low Seat - Retractable with GM Buckle Seat Belt

Lap Belt for Low Seat - Retractable with GM Buckle Seat Belt

Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Item #:2pt-retract-short-sbs-gm
Reg. Price:$58.99
Sale Price:$54.95
30 Colors
Bucket or Bench Seat
Optional Hardware

Retractable Lap Belt for Low Seat with Vintage GM Buckle
Lap Belt Made in the USAInstall Instructions                        Color Chart Click Colors
Safety Tested and Approved, Assembled, Sewn and Packaged in the USA and Federal Safety #209 & #302 Certified!

• 2 Point Seat Belts • Retractable Lap Belt • For Low Seat • Licensed Genuine GM Buckle
Replacement lap belts for sale price featuring Genuine GM Buckle designed for low seat application. Universal fit car, truck, van, RV low seat safety lap seat belt.

Made in USA GM Buckle
  • Lap Seat Belt for Low Seat.
  • Licensed Genuine GM Metal Buckle
  • FMVSS #209 and #302 Federally Safety Approved.
  • Installation Instructions and Diagrams
  • Safety tested and approved, sewn, assembled, packaged in the USA.
  • Choice of: 20 inch Bench Seat Floppy End,   11" or 8" Rigid Sleeve End for Low or Normal to High Bucket Seats.
  • Price is for 1 seat belt for 1 seat / person.
  • See this Short Housing Lap Belt Dimensions
  • Webbing (belt) extends up to 53".
  • Works for both passenger or driver side, front and some back seat applications - usually best for lower seats.
  • Equipped with ALR Retractor What's That?
  • Retracts neatly out of the way when you unbuckle.

  • Note: These seatbelts do NOT have electrical wiring, so they cannot be electrically wired to alarms or airbags.

    See Optional hardware kit that you can add to your order. Or see our Seat Belt Hardware Page.

    Click Here to view detailed auto installation instructions and diagrams.

    Compare the installation instructions to your car, truck or van to confirm that this seat belt is compatible with your automobile.

    The retractor box is H: 3½" x W: 3" x D: 2½" and you want to make sure that you have sufficient space at the installation point area near or on the floor of your car to accommodate the retractor.

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