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Racing Arm Restraints

These arm restraints come with 1" webbing with 1" D ring to prevent slipping. Easy to install and very comfortable.

Racequip arm restraints adjustable from kids to adult sizes!

RJS Arm Restraints you can choose from 2" Band Racing / Off Road Arm Restraints or 3" Band. The new design will work with all 5-pt. harnesses including latch and link styles and cam-lock units. You can choose from 9 different Arm Restraint colors. Our Arm Restraints are great for Drag Racing, Midget, Sprint Car, Formula type cars or Off Road Racing. Pick the restraint to meet your needs. You will love our Restraints! SFI 3.3 Spec. Approved.  Price includes 2 (1 Pair)

Racequip Kids and Adult Racing Arm Restraints
Racequip Kids and Adult Racing Arm Restraints

  • Adjusts for both Youth and Adult racers. Cuffs adjust from 7" to 15" and the tethers adjust out to 15" in length.
  • This adjustable Jr. to Adult arm restraint is a must for anyone who races in an open cockpit car.
  • RaceQuip Arm Restraints are manufactured using premium polypropylene webbing and high grade steel hardware.
  • Designed utilizing 2" webbing for the cuffs and 1" webbing for the tethers that are attached to the cuffs.
  • The design allow the steel ring at the end of the tether to fit over your shoulder or lap belt harness end.

  • rq-391002-arm-restraintsReg Price: $24.99Today's Sale Price: $19.95

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    RJS 2" Band Arm Restraint

    Safety SFI 3.3 Rated and 9 colors to choose from.

    50522Reg Price: $43.95Today's Sale Price: $25.99

    Jr Dragster Arm Restraints by RJS
    Jr Dragster Arm Restraints by RJSThese Jr. Dragster arm restraints have 1" webbing with 1" D ring to prevent slipping and they have a 2" arm band. They are easy to install and very comfortable. SFI 3.3 Rated The new design is compatible with quick release cam lock units and other 5 point seat belts including link and latch styles and also 3" lap belts. 9 colors to choose from!  Price includes 2 (1 Pair)

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    50527Reg Price: $34.95Today's Sale Price: $25.99

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    RJS 3" Band Arm Restraint

    SFI 3.3 Safety Rated plus 9 colors choices.

    50522-1Reg Price: $46.95Today's Sale Price: $27.99

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