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Auto Seat Belt Extender - Universal Fit

Auto Seat Belt Extender - Universal Fit

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Seat Belt Extender! Your Problem is Solved!

seatbelt extensionSeat Belt Extenders! Finally the wait is over for larger sized drivers that need an aftermarket universal automobile seat belt extension part to extend their factory auto seatbelt that just doesn't fit. It will work on most any seat of any car, truck or van. Our extension kit is Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) #209 & #302 Approved! Here at Wesco, your safety is our top priority! And that includes our seat belt extender.

Our new universal belt extension kit is a permanent solution for automobile factory safety harnesses that are not long enough to fit around larger drivers and their seat (and it includes everything that you need to add it to your vehicle). Larger drivers have been frustrated for many years due to the lack of availability of an easy solution to their problem.

Our seatbelt extender adds 1 foot (12 inches) to the length of your safety harness. And it is available in 3 different colors to help you match the existing seat belt color. The one time installation can be easily accomplished in 5 to 10 minutes by following our detailed installation instructions below!

Here at Wesco, we pride ourselves on Fast Shipping. In stock parts ordered business days before noon PST, ship the same day!

Below is our simple 3 step installation instructions.

Our seat belt extender avoids both of the 2 common issues involved in adding an extension to the safety belt of your vehicle.
Many car manufacturers, (like Honda and others) have not made extenders available to their car owners. One problem is that each auto manufacturer has different latching systems for their restraints, so it is virtually impossible to come up with a universal solution that can just be snapped onto the end of an existing seat belt.

The other problem is a safety issue. Honda, for instance, has been reluctant to supply an extender that can be clicked onto the male end of their 3 point (lap and over the shoulder) seat belts, and for good reason; it does appear to be less safe. When an extension is added to the "click-on" end of the belt, it re-aligns the shoulder harness portion of the seat belt towards the door. So the shoulder restraint becomes off-centered on the driver or passenger's body, which can allow the body to slip out from under the restraint more easily during impact.

With our extender, both of these above mentioned problems are solved! It can add one foot of overall length to the seatbelt system. Since this extension part is easily added on to the restraint system where it connects to the door post (near or on the floor of the car), it adds overall length to the entire safety restraint system; so the shoulder restraint portion remains centered on the occupant. When you sell your car you can easily remove your seatbelt extender and add it to your new car.

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